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March 18, 2016
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March 21, 2016
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Career Problems

A career is precious to everyone as it leads to financial stability and overall well-being of the family. It brings prestige to an individual and surrounding family. However, many of us face career related problems & questions as below

When Will I get a Job

Younger students just graduating out of colleges have this one question on their mind. Their whole universe is around this question. Even the parent wants to know when will their son finds a right job.

When will I get promoted?

Once we have a job on hand, wanting to climb is only human. We all want to go to the top and enjoy the perks of such a climb for our self and everyone around. However, many times capable individuals struggle for right opportunities; sometimes people get caught in the corporate politics which hurts their ambition. Mr. Tripathi has solutions to all such seemingly small but truly critical problems of life.


When will I get foreign travel option?

When will I travel abroad? We all want to see the world, and while some of your friends get picked by clients quite quickly, you wonder why you never had that chance. Alternatingly you may have a case where all your friends have got married to people overseas. However, you just don’t have anyone with similar prospects.

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