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March 14, 2016
March 15, 2016
Check Your Number to Ring in The Success You Desire

250 (2)The numbers talk. They do. Numerology is the science of numbers which rides upon one’s life & directs it towards success, prosperity, failure and more.

The numbers are not just the ones that you are born on or just an addition of your birth date numbers. Numerology is an ancient & intensely intricate science that brings substantial value if the conclusions are made in the backdrop of more data, such as natal charts under the guidance on an expert astrologer, numerologist.

Numerology also works with alphabets. Every alphabet has a number associated with it. The numbers depict a particular strength, aptitude and character. An alphabet associated with a number receives cosmic vibration from it. The numbers work in tandem with the astrological charts and only a Top Astrologer can guide one through the play of stars and numbers in your life.

Be it your name, house name or number, car number, phone number, they all have a profound effect on one’s life outcome. Mr K. P. Tripathi has studied & practiced the science of numerology for several years and his experience with various levels of clients have given him the ability to change the number game for you.


Numerology helps one decide whether to marry a person, should one move into a particular home, should one take a transfer to another country, should one sign a specific TV serial or even if one can become a famous writer. It’s all in the name aka in numbers locked away in the alphabets.

The science of numerology can guide an individual with the help of life path number, relationship numbers, dwelling or residential numbers and more.

The expert numerologist like Mr K. P. Tripathi who gets consulted by several famous personalities helps you knock or add those numbers or alphabets to meet the dream success you desire.

Have you seen some famous people changing their name and tucking in that extra “an” or “e” in their name? For e.g. a name Shobha being changed to Shobha or Arun being changed to Aroon? Well, these people have evidently consulted an expert and have changed their names to direct the strength of numbers behind them instead of against them.

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